Car park, Kempten

Parking at the gateway to the Alps


Parking at the gateway to the Alps

An eight-storey multi-storey car park with a total of 600 parking spaces was built for the logistics company Dachser from Kempten. The construction was carried out by Max Bögl, the general contractor. Both companies are leaders in their sector and were faced with the challenge of finding a suitable trellis system that would meet the requirements of the city of Kempten for façade greening as well as the static rules of building construction.

The standardised GREENCABLE HEAVY bracket system with a wall spacing of 291 mm was used in this project. Thanks to the existing system statics and available CAD data, planning was quick and easy. The required system approvals ensure safety during maintenance work and sufficient stocks enable short delivery times. In addition, Carl Stahl ARC’s own assembly teams helped to realise the project quickly.

Project Car park, Kempten, ​ Germany
Products Greencable Heavy 291
Height 13 m



Greenery with 
rope systems and wall brackets

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