Heating house


Heating house, Deggendorf

After a year of construction, the boiler house in Deggendorf has been successfully completed. It is now used to supply the Robert-Koch-Gymnasium with renewable heat energy. A biomass heating system was installed in the boiler house for this purpose, which represents a sustainable source of energy. This makes the Robert-Koch-Gymnasium the first school to be connected to the environmentally friendly heating system. The district of Deggendorf is planning to gradually connect other schools in the district to this system in order to further expand the use of renewable energies.

GREENCABLE Light was used for the façade greening. The climbing support consists of horizontal and vertical stainless steel cables. These have been installed at the optimum distance so that the climbing plants can develop ideally. These measures not only help to beautify the boiler house, but also support the sustainability of the entire project.

Project Heating house, Deggendorf, Germany
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